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on Technology & Healthcare Competitiveness


Our Mission


The Board’s mission is to support the building of: a strong scientific capability; business innovation and commercialisation of new ideas, as critical to productivity and economic growth for Australia and the US.

The Australian Advisory Board of Technology and Healthcare Competitiveness (The Board) was established to drive the US-Australian partnership between The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, The Australian Department of Health and The US Council on Competitiveness.

The Board leads the U.S.- Australia Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO) Innovation Dialogue, a key group of innovators and leaders who explore: mapping over-the-horizon innovation challenges and opportunities; frontiers of disruptive technologies; creating new communities of innovators; building infrastructure to support 21st century innovation; and acceleration of commercialization.

Please see Letter of Intent.

Statement of Support

The Australian Government is pleased to support the industry led Australian Advisory Board on Technology and Healthcare Competitiveness, which will strengthen collaboration between leading Australian and US innovators on medical breakthroughs, research and development in healthcare.  Established in March 2018, this venture connects and lifts the level of engagement between Australian businesses, universities and the research sector to commercialise ideas and solve problems. The Advisory Board also creates more opportunities for Australian organisations and innovators to learn from leading innovations in the United States and other countries. The Australia-US Chief Technology Officer Dialogue will facilitate discussions on common challenges, opportunities and promote  business and research collaboration in areas including healthcare, advanced computing, finance and entrepreneurship.



Mr Charles Kiefel AM

Co-Chair Australian Advisory Board on Technology & Healthcare Competitiveness.
+61 413 489 407


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